We have developed a comprehensive operations audit designed to identify problems and provide cost effective solutions.  We use  "lean" strategies to cut costs along with statistical and analytical review of your company's current operations.  With the reults we tailor an action plan that is designed to increase your company's profitability, while eliminating unneeded spending.


Companies that are troubled, in many instances:

  • Don’t utilize spending properly;
  • Can't determine if they make money or not on each dispatch;
  • Their assets are not treated as profit centers;
  • Their truck utilization is not monitored effectively or consistently.


Our operations audit


1. Assess the problems;

2. Provide suggestions to immediately stop hemorrhaging; and,

3. Demonstrate to our clients how to restore themselves to  profitability.


In order to achieve and compete in the marketplace today, trucking companies need to implement a growth strategy. Unfortunately, when some trucking companies do that, they end up getting themselves in trouble.


We have developed a program designed around a complete audit of your system.

Including review of the following data:

  • Loads per week;
  • Revenue per load;
  • Revenue per mile;
  • loaded miles;
  • Total miles;
  • Dead-head mile ratio;
  • Customer profitability;
  • Recruitment and training;
  • Driver pay scale;
  • Key personnel;
  • Internal purchasing;
  • Growth strategies;
  • Maintenance programs

We analyze:

  • Financial data;
  • Gather and review reporting procedures;
  • accounting systems; AR days to get paid
  • Computer programs; and,
  • We provide a special assessment of the support staff.


Our review is designed to seek out and identify all possible savings of time and money, as well as opportunities for revenue and capital enhancement. In our processes, we teach our clients that people are either assets or liabilities. Accountability is equal to success. People make companies grow or people make companies fail. You have two types of problems in a business: system problems and people problems.

  • System problems can be defined and easily corrected; but,
  • People problems are another matter.

In essence, we will focus on your entire operation and the people who make it run, and we work to bring results in the shortest amount of time so the company can continue to grow.




We charge a flat fee for our service, 50% is due up front and the remaing 50% is due when the service is completed. Contact us today.

Send email to please include, USDOT# and good contact information and we will get back to you in one business day.