An unfavorable safety rating can affect your company in many ways.  You may experience a loss of customers, the inability to obtain new customers, or increased roadside inspections. In short, unfavorable safety ratings can cost trucking companies a lot of money.  

It’s possible to upgrade your rating, but to do so, you must follow a very specific procedure.  The steps can be time-consuming and difficult for a lot of carriers to handle.


Safety ratings are determined by a DOT inspection that is done on-site with an Inspecting Agent. Following the inspection items that are reviewed with respect to the rating process include:

  • Hours of service (log violations, logs not kept, logs falsified)
  • Former inspections (were improvements made?, etc)
  • Driver Qualifications (Including Driver Qualification Files- were they kept properly? Up to date?)
  • CDL Requirements (Drug and Alcohol testing up to date? Medical cards? Physical exams up to date?)
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Accidents
  • Maintenance Records



Conditional Rating

  • If you have a Conditional Rating, some brokers and shippers may not allow you to access loads.
  • Even if loads are attained, brokers may pay you less because they can take advantage of your Conditional status, knowing the struggle you have getting loads.
  • A Conditional Rating can cause insurance premiums to increase by 20% , or more, at the time of renewal.



Unsatisfactory Rating

  • Your company has been deemed unfit to operate
  • Your company is Out of Service





A successful safety rating upgrade is both costly and time consuming.  Many companies attempt to get an upgrade themselves; they are rarely successful -  but don't worry, we can help.   Contact us today




The cost is based on:

  • Number of violations we have to address and investigate
  • Systems and processes we need to implement to prove effective change to the FMCSA
  • Number of documents we need to create from information provided from company or driver


A 50% deposit is required after the quote is provided. The remaining 50% will be required just prior to FMCSA submission. In the event of FMCSA rejection, we will finish the documentation, make changes as requested, and resubmit for approval.